Hand drawn pet and animal portraits

Bespoke Pet Portraits

Your pet is a precious member of your family.  Capture the character of your dog, cat, horse or rabbit with a customised pet portrait

Unique Dog Portraits

Dog portraits and pictures commissioned by experienced and established pet portraits artist Nicky Chadwick

Customised Cat Portraits

Commission a beautiful cat portrait painting from artist Nicky Chadwick. Pet portraits from photos.

Pet Portrait Art

Pet & Equine portraits created exclusively in coloured pencil

Your pet is a member of your family.

Pet Portraits from photos by animal portrait artist Nicky Chadwick.

My Dog portraits, Cat portraits, Horse & animal portraits are incredily lifelike & unique.

Red Labrador Drawing
Drawing of tabby cat
Drawing of tabby cat

Each hand-drawn pet portrait needs special care and attention to detail


I draw portraits of varied sizes, and they can include one or several animals. Naturally, the project hours vary, and so do my prices.

I work directly with pet owners, as well as with their friends and family to create the perfect surprise portrait gift.

I’d love to capture a portrait for you or your loved one that you can treasure for a lifetime.

I commissioned Nicky to do a picture of our Cocker Spaniel, Floyd, as a surprise for my husband. The result is outstanding, more like a photo than a drawing. Nicky has captured his personality and every tiny detail, from his blue roan coat (a tricky combination of white and black) to his facial markings. The picture now takes pride of place in our living room and my husband is over the moon with his present. If you’re considering a pet portrait, stop the search now!


How I Work!

I work exclusively from photographs to capture the true colours and unique personality of your pet.

My commission books are currently open. 


My Portraits!

Each hand-drawn portrait begins with the eyes, builds layers of colour and ends with the finest details.

I share my work in progress, as well as final polished pieces.

Spaniel drawing
Drawing of tabby cat
Tabby cat drawing
We received our drawing of our gorgeous cat Leo today, all we can say is wow! The attention to detail and the way you have captured his beautiful eyes, in particular, is fantastic! 
We are in Australia and we received our picture securely packaged and beautifully presented. It is something we will treasure forever, thank you Nicky!

Claire & Stu

About Me

Hi, I’m Nicky

I’m a coloured pencil artist, specialising in hand-drawn pet and equine portraits that capture your animal’s true personality.

I love animals and, in particular, horses, and I’ve always loved drawing.

I’m a self-taught artist, and I’ve been drawing pet portraits for my family and friends for many years. However, as my commissions as an artist grew, so did my business. Now, I’m lucky that what I love to do has become a career, and I’ve been proudly drawing a huge range of animals for clients since 2018.

I’m based in West Yorkshire, but I draw animals from across the globe and ship their portraits around the world.

When I’m not drawing in my studio you’ll find me with my family, taking long walks on the beach or cheering on my local rugby team.


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