Spaniel drawing

My Pet Portraits

Your pet is unique, and so is their portrait. Therefore, my prices are bespoke. 

To give you a guide, a head and shoulder portrait of one animal begins at £325.00 for a drawing on 12 x 9 inch paper. 

I deliver your finished portrait in a plain mount, ready for framing. If you’d like a framed image, simply let me know – I’ll work with my trusted local framer and provide a cost. I can also arrange worldwide shipping.  

My waiting list varies depending on the time of year, so please enquire about my current availability. My commission books are currently open for new enquiries. 

I’d love to hear about your pet or horse and the portrait you’d like me to draw. Please do get in touch. 

getting started

Once you’ve shared a photo I can work with, and you’re happy with the price I’ve quoted, I’ll send you a £100.00 deposit invoice. This is non-refundable, and secures your project in my diary. When the portrait is complete, the remaining balance becomes payable before delivery is arranged.

Each project takes, on average, around a week to complete. However, this can vary due to size, complexity and individual needs. I’ll confirm an estimated timescale with you when you book. 

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