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My Pet Portraits

Coloured pencils are perfect for showcasing the cheekiness of your boisterous puppy, the serene pose of your feline friend or the gentle eyes of your beloved horse.

I use lightfast coloured pencils and Grafix drafting film paper. This means my drawings don’t fade or yellow over time, capturing your cherished pet just as they are today for many years to come.

Drawing in coloured pencils is a lengthy process. But it’s the right one for me. It allows me to detail fine lines, create every individual curve and build layers of colour. Sometimes, this method looks quite alternative: you might spot me adding purple colours to a ginger animal coat! Yet each addition creates that personal colouring that’s unique to your pet. Take a look at my work in progress to see my drawings in action.

i draw solely from photographs

The right image will show every detail I need to draw (and will keep that lively puppy in place for as long as I need him to stay still!).

I start every portrait drawing the eyes. They’re where the personality lies, and the place to truly begin to bring your pet to life on paper. Then, it’s all about building layers and refining the details that make your pet or horse unique.

For advice on choosing the best photograph for your portrait, take a look here

Getting started

Once you’ve shared a photo I can work with, and you’re happy with the price I’ve quoted, I’ll send you a 50% deposit invoice. This is non-refundable, and secures your project in my diary. When the portrait is complete, the remaining balance becomes payable before delivery is arranged.

Each project takes, on average, around a week to complete. However, this can vary due to size, complexity and individual needs. I’ll confirm an estimated timescale with you when you book. (Please note, my commissions book is currently closed. I will be looking to re-open them in 2022)

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